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July 27th, 2018


Join Our New Owner Of AutoHitsTraffic And Get 25,000 Credits At AutoSurfTraffic


Join Auto HitsTraffic our new site owner and claim 25,000 EASY credits to your AutoSurfTraffic account by doing so.

Steve Kristiansen, owner at Auto HitsTraffic, is excited to welcome you to his new traffic exchange. Take a couple moments to join and surf the site. In doing so you will get a unique traffic to your sites, and get at least 25,000 FREE HITS at AutoSurfTraffic!

Join from here:

Join Auto HitsTraffic and Steve will reward you with 15,000 credits to your Auto HitsTraffic account!

Send your new login name at Auto HitsTraffic and include your AST login name as well, and the receipt for any upgrading you may decide to do.

Should any member upgrade with our host, they can look forward to some of the most generous giftings in our 15-year history online.

Help make this new sister site is a success and I will help you by crediting the following rewards to your AST account:

Upgrade AHT to Bronze and get an additional 10,000 Credits at AutoSurfTraffic!
Upgrade AHT to Associate and get an additional 15,000 Credits bonus!
Upgrade to Pro and get 20,0000 credit bonus!
Upgrade to Gold and get a 40,000 credit bonus!
Upgrade to Platinum for a whopping 100,000 credits!
Upgrade to Cobalt and you get our biggest reward of 200,000 hits at AST!

So grab this opportunity to drive more traffic to your specific opportunities.

Join Auto HitsTraffic here.

Have a successful week!
Jeff Rogers

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