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How Does It Work?

A traffic exchange is a program where you view sites in exchange for other people viewing yours. Generally, you have to view each site for a minimum period of time (30 seconds or longer) and then click on a specified number or symbol to view the next site. At most exchanges, if you click the incorrect number or symbol you get a "strike" and if you have too many "strikes" - they close your account. What a pain in the neck!

An AutoSurf Traffic Exchange, like AutoSurfTraffic, displays another members page on your screen for a fixed period of time (currently 20 seconds) and then AUTOMATICALLY moves on to the next one. No clicking required! If you see a page that interests you, you can pause the process until you're done reading, joining or whatever and resume it when you are ready. YOU are in control! AND, unlike "click exchange" type sites - there is no incentive to cheat which means that real people are viewing your site, not some tech-geek who figured out a way to rack up phoney clicks to get credits.

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