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June 23rd, 2018


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Thanks for being a member of AutoSurfTraffic. The top 5 surfers weekly will earn bonus credits. First place will earn 10,000 credits, 2nd place 9,000, 3rd place 8,000, 4th place 7,000 and 5th place will earn 6,000 credits.

**All bonus credits will be rewarded each Saturday morning EST*

Pay special attention to the FREE bonus pages for credits and CASH throughout the surfing rotation.

        1. Tchristian

     2. Neobux

          3. Ibagul2006

                       4. rhythmsenterprises

                   5. Globally Building



No time to surf? At AutoSurfTraffic we want to help lighten your burden a little.

Need traffic but donít want to spend hours surfing? Well consider one of our nominal upgrades and if you upgrade now I will give TRIPLE the credits for that level!

Just go to your memberís area and click the upgrade link or you can go here:

Upgrade your membership to any level and I will give you the next level up! Example upgrade to Pro and get Gold at no additional cost!

Your upgrade will stay at this level for as long as you are a paid member. This expires Soon. So hurry!

A free advertising membership on AutoSurfTraffic is capable of generating several thousand hits a week to your sites. However, our site rotation is a sought after commodity after years of proven success.

When you are ready to get hits now and contribute as little as 6 cents a day for your website advertising and promotion budget, we will deliver an amazing level of exposures to your sites every day.

AutoSurfTraffic is designed to be upgraded for best results, and is offered free as a trial to see what we do here. We will always do as much as we can for our free users, to utilize the power of our services, Get hits now, and research our upgrades here.

Jeff Rogers

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